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Kid Bites More Than He Can Chew

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A habanero pepper rates at between 200-300k scoville units which means they are extremely hot. The guys reaction pretty much sums it up.

Jon Stewart – Dick Cheney Hunting Accident

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Huge Snake Coughs up a Whole Hippo

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No, the title isn't a typo! You wouldn't think a snake could eat an entire hippo but apparently this one did. I'm not sure why they made it cough it back up.

Dad Teaches Toddler to Shoot Guns

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Most dads want to teach their kids things like how to ride a bike, not shoot hand guns! This kid can't be older than 3!

Balls Out Jeans

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Aries Spears shows off his new Balls Out Jeans in this hilarious skit from Damon Wayans new show The Undergound.

Limewire vs RIAA

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LimeWire the file sharing software is dead after a judge ruled that their users committed a substantial amount of copyright infringement and damages to the music industry have amounted to over 1 billion dollars.

Nancy Grace Gets Ripped by Jon

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I've always had a bit of a hate on for Nancy Grace. I'm glad she got called out like this.

Bush Thinks February Has 30 Days

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February is the shortest month with only 28 or 29 days, but don't tell that to George W. Bush.

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